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Outdoor Kitchens

A kitchen is the coziest space in a home and we all love gathering together there and eating something delicious. But summer is time of enjoying fresh air and sunlight mostly in gardens and patios. That’s why an outdoor kitchen is the best idea! Of course, a pool is a must have during these hot days but if you are planning a garden party or a calm meal outdoors with your family, you’ll need an outdoor dining zone and certainly a kitchen! An outdoor kitchen gives an opportunity to enjoy staying outdoors not only while eating but also while cooking meals. It allows making a barbecue or some food if the guests finish it quickly and having fun at the same time. Below you’ll find some awesome outdoor kitchen designs and ideas that will make your patio stylish and inviting, enjoy!

Craft the perfect outdoor setting that’s as well appointed, warm and inviting as the interior of the house. That magical getaway where you can enjoy family and friends for leisurely gatherings and to create special times.

From innovation to installation, we offer a complete line of outdoor kitchen cabinetry uses advanced design features to provide the storage and organization needed to complement your outdoor kitchen. No matter what your layout requirements entail, Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens' cabinetry is designed in three inch increments from 9” to 48” in width, and is made to fit any manufacturer’s grill. This is the perfect opportunity to embrace the outdoors in style with the beauty and durability of quality stainless steel cabinetry from the industry leader.

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